Red Barberry Health Benefits


Barberry extract is used as bitter tonic to treat fever (antipyretic) and asanticonvulsant remedy


Barberry extract has applications in homeopathy for the treatment of gastro intestinal disorders, including diarrhea.


Barberry is known to have anti-bacterial andanti-parasitic action, used to treat malariaand other parasite related infections.


Barberry is used to treat coughs, cholera and skin infections.


Barberry is also being studied to treat cancerand tuberculosis.


Barberry can lower blood pressure and is beneficial for hypertension.

Nutritional Information and Properties

 The barberry shrub produces edible berries that are a rich source of vitamin C. Barberry contains a chemical known as berberine that gives it its medicinal value. This chemical acts as an antibiotic to kill fungi, bacteria, and protozoa. The fruit, root bark, and stem of barberry contain chemical like protoberberin alkaloids and isoquinoline that are effective in treating a number of ailments. Barberry is also a rich source of B vitamins like thiamine and minerals like zinc.